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— and those aspiring to become any of the above —

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More lovely words from wonderful people

I did it. You can, too.


Not so long ago, I was in full-time employment…

I've been working in digital marketing for 6+ years. Throughout that time, I've had my fair share of all time highs and lows. It's been a crazy ride.

See how I became an enterpreneur and turned my life around:

My journeyAchievements
Treat people well


René Vella

Creative Designer

The biggest hustler I know is Sam Hurley. Inspiring people day in, day out!

Brannd Hub

Professional Brand & Slogan Services

Sam is a truly ‘INFLUENTIAL’ influencer. His content ROCKS and WORKS.

Randall Scott White

Founder @ Venture VR

Sam gets it done. He has some kind of warp whistle that lets him stay ahead as an authority on internet marketing.

His insights help people think and move faster.

Emma Falkner

Head of Corporate Sales @ truRating

Sam's got lots of enthusiasm, is always fast to respond and open to new ideas.

George Bates

Digital Marketing Executive @ Studio-40

I learnt a lot from working with Sam in a very short space of time. Not only are his technical abilities something to admire, he also brings with him a great work ethic and attitude.

Jan Gordon

CEO @ Curatti | Publisher & Digital Marketing Strategist

It's no surprise that Sam is highly regarded internationally as a digital marketing strategist.

He has a thirst for learning and being the best at whatever he does.

Lara Kroll

Director @ Evolved Online PR Agency

This man has helped an old PR like me to learn a whole new industry known as Social Media.

I read everything he writes and I urge everyone in our industry to do so too!

Nicola Bray

Managing Director @ HP Plotter

Incredibly helpful and supportive, combining strong knowledge of Digital Marketing with brilliant customer service skills. A great guy to deal with.

Darren McCowan

Marketing Manager @ Simply Supplements

The best marketer I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

It has often been said that “you earn trust”, especially in business. In Sam’s case, this trust has been earned in spades.

Andrew Hadfield

Senior Business Analyst @ Experian Marketing Services

I had the pleasure of working with Sam for a little over 18 months and throughout that time I found him to be an affable, likeable colleague whose passion and enthusiasm for SEO - and indeed digital media as a whole - was second only to his ability to communicate and deliver on that knowledge.

Fanny Heuck

International Online Marketing Professional @ Dynamics365

This is the reason why I follow Sam: Behind a huge digital knowledge, he stays true to himself and makes us feel good.

Jonny Cooper

International Business Coach | Founder & Marketing Director

What this guy doesn't know about digital marketing probably isn't worth knowing.

He inspires us every day!

Ravinol Chambers

Social Purpose Video Producer

It’s Sam’s best quality by far — his love and genuine kindness. Speaks volumes.

Paul Lynch

Customer Service Specialist

Sam provided a wealth of new custom and business with his sharp way of thinking and great ideas.

Phillip Twyford

The Curly Marketer

From Sam’s first tweet response back to me, he made me feel important and it has motivated me to keep striving forward.

Syed Irfan Ajmal

International Keynote Speaker | Forbes Columnist

Sam is a pro at building win-win relationships, influencer marketing and many other facets of digital marketing.

He has been a good friend and when I need tips on any digital marketing challenge, he is one of the first people I contact.

Sandra Fischer

Lawyer | Educator | Public Translator

Sam really is a special and lovely person...I'm learning a lot from reading his articles. I owe him smiles!

Jarrod Hunt

CMO & Co-Founder @ Digital Current | Marketing Agency

Sam is one of a kind. Not only is he phenomenal at what he does, but he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

We work with him on a wide variety of content and social media campaigns, and he has gone above and beyond on all of them.

Thank you Sam, I look forward to a very long and successful relationship!

Sarah McDowell

Marketer | Social Media Strategist

Sam has a professional manner when dealing with clients, always putting their needs and requirements first.

Nicola Jarvis

Client Services Manager @ Eclipse Group Solutions

I would recommend Sam to any company as he has the motivation and knowledge to drive projects forward.

Kate Gillanders

Marketing Communications Manager @ Aggregate Industries

Having had the opportunity to work alongside Sam, I can say he is a great asset to any marketing team. Sam has a wide knowledge of digital marketing and is very forward thinking.

He is full of great ideas and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Katelyn Brower

Global Social Media Manager @ Dun & Bradstreet

Sam is truly an expert in the digital marketing field. He has contributed to 2 of my publications dealing with social media and his insights really helped boost each piece.

He is a great partner to work with - I am always happy with how well my publications perform when he actively shares them on his social platforms.

George Blackburn

Account Manager @ Grad Central

Sam is a master of all things SEO and Digital Marketing, always striving to achieve excellence. The go-to man for any such advice!

Stuart Hackett

Senior Recruitment Consultant @ Maxim Recruitment

Sam is a dedicated professional with exceptional marketing knowledge. He is evidently passionate about what he does and has bags of enthusiasm which is infectious.

Sam is held in high regard; an extremely personable individual with a good sense of humour.

Jonathan Nguyen

Marketing Guru | Medical Professional

The opportunity to acquire a mentor of Sam’s calibre is not to be over-looked. He has a stand-out talent for being very efficient; ridiculously efficient is how I’ve described him to many other people.

He has had nothing but a positive influence on me for my professional development as well as my personal aspirations.

The Grey Parrots

Squad of Developers, Designers & Tech Fanatics

This man deserves the first position always, because he has changed the definition of influencer altogether.

We have seen other influencers, always talking about their busy schedule & never responding back to their follower's tweets. But Sam is the only influencer we've ever seen, who interacts with his followers on a daily basis and replies to their messages religiously.

We think he's the epitome of humbleness & he taught us that without his followers, an influencer is nothing. Thanks for everything, Sam.

Ash Adams

Business Development Specialist

I've known Sam for some years now and I can confidently say he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the digital side.

Hussein N.

Digital Marketer

A big thank you to Sam Hurley who advised me on Instagram and Facebook marketing which helped me achieve some great results for a client.

We reached 50% more organic traffic / exposure compared to previous results over the last 6 months.

Dina Harding

Management Consultant & Business Success Advisor

Sam is the consummate professional and digital marketing authority.

He exemplifies integrity and excels in forging strong, long-lasting business relationships.

Matthew Capala

Founder @ Alphametic | Speaker, Author & SEO Trainer

Sam is a performance-driven marketer with a wealth of experience in SEO, analytics, social media and content marketing.

He doesn't just talk to the talk, Sam walks the walk. Cannot speak highly enough of Sam!

Daniel Knowlton

Digital Marketing Speaker & Trainer | Digital Agency CoFounder

Sam is an incredible guy. I've been following him for the last few years and if it wasn't for him my business wouldn't be what it is today.

Jason K. Dove

SEO Analyst | Content Manager

As I continue to learn from Sam on daily basis, I'm reminded of an adage that far too few people have learned, much less actually applied when interacting with their fellow human beings:

"Never mistake my kindness for weakness." Once again Sam, you deliver the goods. I deeply appreciate the time you dedicate to as many people as you can.

Gustavo Sanchez

Experienced CMO | Growth Marketer | Change Maker

It is no secret that Sam is in the top echelon of global marketing influencers, just Google his name and you'll see. What I have been able to experience first-hand is that he's one of the most dedicated, caring and effective professionals out there.

Sam is the real deal. With him, you get: Proven experience, creative execution and actual results. He always delivered over and above expectations and was a real pleasure to work with.

As a fellow marketer, I know what it takes to move the needle on the digital front. A lot of hard work and wits — Sam's got that in excess.

Jeremy Alessi

Managing Partner @ Cottonwood Wealth Management

Give yourself a gift: Spend as much time as you can this week witnessing Sam Hurley and his Digital Marketing fluency in action.

It is a self-guided master class!

Karl Adamsas

Founder @ Authority Link Building

I have been working with Sam for over a year now. I have found him to be result driven, loyal and above all, an inspiring professional.

Sam is innovative, client-focused, achievement orientated and a wise team player. A well organized digital marketer, he comes highly recommended.

Pavankumar Karnati

Founder @ GrowingMetrics

Sam’s dominating every Social Media! Awesome!

Nazareth Qarbozian

Digital Interviewer | Social Media Expert

Sam is an outstanding marketer. Not only does he know his field inside-out, he is a top growth hacker who has shaken up the digital world with his own presence online.

Cassim Gibbs

Freelance Digial Marketing Consultant

You just know Sam is super busy, yet he shares a ton of fantastic content and takes the time to reply to every comment!

Unlike many other digital gurus who like to share their content but don't engage with their followers.

Purnendu Dash

Self-Employed Internet Marketer

I’ve seen many influencers to date...but none as humble, generous and sincere as Sam.

Truly an awesome human being.

Kieran Le Peron

Content Marketing | PR & Events Manager @ Sparklane

I started to collaborate with Sam to boost the traffic on our UK blog. The impact was immediate. In just 3 months, we doubled the number of blog visitors thanks to the quality of content provided by Sam and his great influence on Social Media.

I truly recommend working with him. He is the #1, no doubt!

Aaron Avila

Founder @ Brain Injury Product Review Company

Only 2 and a half weeks old and my blog has 9,000 reads in 10 countries. Learning to increase followers, thanks to Sam Hurley.

Mark Preston

Digital Marketing & SEO Trainer | Business Mentor

When Sam states that he is Ranked No.1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer, it is not a title he has just made up. He can claim this because it is fact!

Samantha Wall

Social Media | PR | Content

One of the UK's most influential social media, content and growth hacking experts who also happens himself to be down to earth, intelligent, helpful, sociably savvy, entertaining and a great pleasure to talk to.

If you don't know Sam Hurley by now, I recommend that you really should!

Carl Ramallo

Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Life Strategist

If you are seeking someone that is reliable and can deliver the goods — look no further.

I highly recommend Sam to anyone worldwide, who wants to increase the results of their brand and take it to the next level.

Ollie Whitfield

Social Selling Practitioner

Sam is one of the very best I have ever seen on social media and his knowledge is second to nobody.

Great story of how the main man went from square 1 to number 1.

Always gives you his time, knowledge and advice in return for nothing. An inspiration to many...

Ryan Schuster

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Lucid Agency

Sam is possibly the most professional and amiable person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He continuously goes above and beyond what is needed of him to produce record-shattering results that others can't compete with.

His creative strategies have served as a catalyst to boost our company's reach/awareness in ways that we could never have without him.

I look forward to having the honor of working with him in the future.

Mike O'Connor

Founder @ Service Professionals Network

I have seen a lot of people claim to be the world's best, or top ten marketer. I started reading Sam’s various blog post and interviews, which made me realize two things:

He is the word's biggest expert in regards to digital media and I have a lot more to read. I am honored to learn from this very intelligent person.

Ed Leake

Managing Director @ Midas Media

Sam is indeed a true asset, one whom I hope remains with us for a long, long time (otherwise I'll be forced to cut his legs off).

Ian James Plumlee

Business Growth Expert

Sam, you do a great job of making everybody feel like a somebody.

Melissa Gosse

WeRaven Founder | Ultra Marathoner

Sam has helped myself and my company make mass improvements resulting in not only boosted business, but also higher efficiency when it comes to work process and our marketing plans.

If you're looking to boost your online exposure and gain more leads through digital marketing for your business, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Sam - I'm very impressed.

Eduardo Villalobos

Marketing Production @ Neon Panda

Don’t know how to do it? Ask your friendly neighbour, Sam Hurley!


Edyta Kowal

Content Manager @ Prowly

Sam is a great specialist! Always eager to share his experience and know-how, always smiling and so active in social media that sometimes; you simply can’t believe that he is doing all that stuff by himself.

Happy to have him on my contributors list and can’t wait for new opportunities to cooperate!

Gareth O'Sullivan

Content Marketing Manager @ Creation Agency

Sam isn't just an amazing marketer, he's also an inspiration for many people, including myself. He's easy to approach and will find time to engage with his followers and those who look up to him.

I've learned a lot from him and still am. Thanks for the great content you're publishing Sam. Keep it up buddy!

Simon Chan

Digital Strategist | Digital Transformation Blogger

Hats off to you, Sam. A man of the people! 🙂 You are making a massive difference in people's lives — a pioneer and leader.

Verena Ho

Self-Employed Blogger

Sam knows exactly how to drive results in digital marketing.

His deep, bang-on-trend knowledge of SEO, social media and growth hacking is a force to be reckoned with.

CJ Longworth

Motivational Author & Blogger

Great quotes and thoughts from one of the best guys on the planet: Sam Hurley

Pavan Belagatti

Digital Marketer & Growth Hacker

Sam Hurley (the world’s #1 Digital Marketing expert & influencer) retweeted my tweet and my website witnessed huge traffic this week.

Sunny Chana

Digital Marketing Manager @ Fieldfisher

Sam's rich understanding of Digital Marketing enabled him to effectively deliver fantastic consultation.

Jenny Carrick

Head of Paid Social @ MediaCom

Sam developed many successful client & partner relationships within the affiliate industry.

Sarah Fry

Sales & Communications Manager @ Kinetik Fitness

Sam has a natural flair for delivering highly shareable, insightful content — which is backed by his influencer accolades!

Vivienne Neale

Director | Social Media Strategist

Sam is an enthusiastic social media guru. He manages Twitter, for example, with aplomb and is always solicitous, good humoured and detailed in approach. Whenever Sam picks up my tweets, my timeline goes crazy.

If your social media is moribund, he is the pick-me-up it needs. I recommend him unreservedly — and that takes some doing as I too am a social media professional!

Teodora Nikolaeva

Design & Development Specialist

Sam's positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm for SEO and Digital Marketing are infectious.

Trent Y.

Analytics & Conversion Director @ twentysix

Sam's knowledge of Digital Marketing, in particular SEO and Analytics is always expanding and fresh.

Peter Helin

Marketing Expert & Ghost Writer

This guy! If you haven't been inspired by Sam Hurley yet, you probably live under a rock fitted with an emoji-blocker!


A Fan of Sam

Sam, thanks so much for all of your great SEO advice. Even though I've studied SEO in the past, I'm amazed by your cutting edge grip on this subject.

Hassan Aman

Content Superhero @ Voxatech Media

In the end, it is about doing the right things. My 28-day summary from Twitter speaks volumes. All I did was follow the right rules set by the right people, provide value and ENGAGE.

Your knowledge works, Sam.

Andrew Bailey

Managing Director @ Commercial Strategy 4

In a world where marketing is increasingly complex, Sam cuts through the hype, confusion and intricacies to deliver ROI — a rare and highly valuable skill.

Steven J. Amato

Award-Winning CyberSecurity Specialist

Sam’s knowledge on the subject is 2nd to none...

James G. Carter

Growth Hacker & Founder @ Nunchi

It is rare that you come across a Digital Marketing expert like Sam.

Cody Barry

Owner @ Mind of a Millennial

Sam is an amazing person that I would recomend to anybody looking to become a better marketer. He is wonderfully supportive and friendly, always responding and making your day every time. Not to mention that as an influencer, a tweet from Sam will single-handedly turn your day into an amazing one!

Just being mentioned by Sam puts a huge spike in any kind of analytics. Every one of my top 5 days for impressions on Twitter is thanks to him.

If you're not following Sam, do so now — and while you're at it, say hello to one of the friendliest and most passionate people I know.

Anthony Gaenzle

Digital & Content Strategist

My site has seen a huge increase in traffic through the help Sam's offered and my brand has risen consistently, thanks to his advice.

Lucas Miller

CEO @ Echelon Copy

I've been in the content marketing space for a little over two years. During that time, I've consumed just about everything Sam has written, said or taught. Because of it, I've been successful.

Case in point? Do what Sam says and you will be, too. He's THAT kind of influencer 🙂

Gareth Westhead

Digital Marketing Expert

Sam's friendly approach to work is matched by his efficiency and he can always be relied upon to get things done.

Daniel Smith

Founder @ GymPal

The marketing master!! I have received some invaluable mentoring & advice from Sam on numerous occasions & have found him to be an incredible source for business information.

If there is anyone I would recommend to work with, it's this man.

Jan Barbosa

Global Brand Ambassador @ beBee

Two landmarks: Man lands on the moon...Sam Hurley launches OPTIM-EYEZ. Enough said!!!

AC Digital Services

Digital Marketing Agency

Sam Hurley: Twitter king and Digital Marketing extraordinaire!

He’s amazing and also one of the reasons I chose to start my business.

Shamir Ghumra

Principal Consultant @ Responsible Solutions

Sam is a rare individual who has both the technical competence to develop SEO and Social Media strategies — and the ability to energise those around him.

Master Accelerated Growth

From the guy who went from ‘a nobody' to world's #1 in less than 15 months…

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