“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Gail Devers, Athlete

Worked at a pub / restaurant washing dishes
Attempted work in a warehouse and lasted a day
Wanted more from life but didn’t know exactly what or how
2011 – 2012
Started working for zero pay as a Marketing Assistant within an eCommerce company
Soon offered full-time employment
Quickly progressed to run the Marketing department single-handedly
2012 – 2013
Applied for a Junior Digital Marketing Consultant position at a digital agency
Initially told I was too experienced for the role – didn’t take no for an answer and bagged the job
Quickly progressed to become a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
2013 – 2014
Gained the position of SEO & Social Media Manager at a very large international, corporate company
Educated the board about modern SEO and changed perspectives on its deployment
Pushed creative ways of thinking and collaboration throughout internal and external teams
2014 – 2016
Successfully landed a senior position: Head of Search Marketing at another digital agency
Immediately transformed Marketing methods, internal processes and overall direction
Trained and directed the team and all clientele in their approaches to online visibility
Quit employment to begin the incredible, rollercoaster life of entrepreneurship!
Tasted freedom and never looked back
Truly found myself 😊

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