My Journey

My professional journey truly rocketed when I created my Personal Brand.

A Personal Brand is essentially: Marketing yourself. Your name becomes your brand.

Anybody can become their own brand. And everybody should.

Once you build a solid Personal Brand, the world is your oyster.

What may surprise you: I shaped mine without a functional website of my own.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, blogger, freelancer, founder, student, unemployed or currently employed looking to confidently quit your job to go it alone like I did…

I hold the experience to get you to where you want to be using the power of Personal Branding, blogging, and relationships on Social Media.

No matter your current situation, status or expertise — what I’ve achieved can be emulated to suit you.

I’m just a regular guy with my feet firmly on the ground. I’ve made a name for myself in my industry. I’m with you on your professional journey to do the same.

Not so long ago, I was in full-time employment...

I wasn’t born into a rich family and I’m certainly not a hot-shot corporate business man! I’m just a guy with a dream, dedicated to making it happen day by day.

And that’s why deep down, I always knew I would run my own business – in fact, I had already incorporated my company back in 2014! (It remained dormant for a time.)

During my 4th year working in Digital Marketing with experience in both agencies and companies, the entrepreneurial calling from within became ever stronger and I knew the scary moment was approaching — the moment I would defy all odds and make ‘the big leap’.

I was at peace with myself; I had made the ultimate decision to set the wheels in motion and become my own boss — but I didn’t just rush into it headfirst.

Whilst still at my day job, I began planning my online venture with branding and ethics that wholly reflected my vision of life, my love of optimizing digital presence and my tendency to see otherwise undetected opportunities: OPTIM-EYEZ was in progress.

I relentlessly pursued my ambitions…

For 1 year, I was laser-focused on building my Personal Brand, Social Media impact and network size — and I wanted to do it better and faster than anybody else had done before.

18 – 20 hour days were the norm as I ventured into my side hustle.

The term ‘Personal Branding’ wasn’t something I was even familiar with when I started out…

I just did what I thought was right and after a little while, I realized my name had become a brand itself. I didn’t have anyone guiding me so I experimented (obsessively) until I found what worked.

Pure dedication.

It was tough to devote an hour to my project every morning before an hour-long drive to work, only to get straight back to it on my return home until 1am – 3am the following morning…

But when you have a dream, nothing will stop you.

If you want something badly enough — you will make it happen.

And it happened quicker than I could have ever imagined! What’s crazy is it took me only 12 months after beginning my pursuit to reach the point where I could confidently quit my day job (testament to my complete fixation with entrepreneurship).

During the time leading up to handing in my notice, I was asked to speak at huge international events, seminars and industry gatherings. Invitations to join podcasts and webinars as a special guest also came flooding in.

People began calling me an ‘influencer’, ‘thought-leader’ and even a ‘visionary’.

I was awarded many accolades including #1 Digital Influencer, #2 Digital Marketer and #3 Content Marketer — all on a global level.

...Without a website 🙂

Despite not having a functional website during that time (or an entire 1.5+ years after leaving employment!), I managed to continually grow my business revenue straight off the bat, month after month until I decided I would sensibly tone it all down a touch to save my sanity.

Enquiries came through without a single drop of advertising or promotion. Nobody really even knew what I offered without asking me directly…

How was this possible?!

Selflessness, commitment, drive and determination blended with widespread Social Media presence, influential guest blogging and a vast network of tight relationships in which I invested myself wholeheartedly.

Total reach: 140,117+
Sam Hurley audience

Sounds simple, right?

But if it really was that simple — everyone would be doing it.

It seems that many people aren’t prepared (or often able) to dedicate the same amount of time and effort or take as many calculated ‘risks' as I did.

I drove myself so hard that I was frequently ill with stress-related disorders. My social life was decisively erased and I spent extreme amounts of hours in front of a screen for a long period of time without any let up.

Pavan Belagatti

Digital Marketer & Growth Hacker

Sam Hurley (the world’s #1 Digital Marketing expert & influencer) retweeted my tweet and my website witnessed huge traffic this week.

Understandably, that isn’t a lifestyle many would choose to lead.

The great news? I’ve done it the hard way so you don’t have to. I hold a lot of experience, including my fair share of success and learnings. Now I’m sharing it all with you so:

1) You can emulate my journey without the unremitting trial and error


2) I can make a living doing what I love — helping people succeed and grow

Focus on you.

I imagine some of you will be reading this thinking, “But I could never achieve those things.”

The reason I think this? Because STILL I read many get-rich-quick gimmicks from ‘online gurus' who claim to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each month as they live a somewhat relaxed life.

This sort of material also makes me think, “I could never achieve those things.”

My issues with such stories? They make it all sound relatively easy with minimum effort, they are everywhere and they really get into our heads…

We begin to question everything, doubt ourselves and feel inadequate because we haven’t achieved similarly rapid financial triumph after working our butts off.

As a consequence, some of us desperately buy into these stories and systems with the hope of sharing that same (perceived) quick success.

The world just doesn't work that way…

We'd all be millionaires.

If the claims are true — these people may be among the 1% of the population who eventually earn their wealth after a lot of hustling and an ounce of luck too.

The dream they are selling is (in all probability) unreachable for most of us — no matter how many of their programs we consume.


Because simply: We are not them!

It usually takes a certain type of person, TONNES of hard work and sacrifice to be able to achieve such life-changing income — but I doubt you’d read that in any highly-visible sales blurb.

The difference you may notice between my journey and stories like these?

Mine is relatable to the average working-class citizen and able to be imitated with the right tools, mind-set and dedication.

I’m not a self-proclaimed millionaire. I’m not inaccessible. I haven’t taken any of the offers to engage in public speaking on stage. I’m not an extrovert business celebrity.

I don’t use jargon that nobody understands or attempt to wow people with my monthly earnings. I will never post white sandy beaches everyday to Social Media, suggesting that’s how I live my life 24/7.

What I have done:

What I have done is discovered how to cleverly apply Social Media to build a solid Personal Brand that harvests not only residual, passive and active income…

But also widespread recognition and genuine, mutually-beneficial connections with many people.

What I will do:

What I will do is help you understand the processes involved and be there with you each step of the way so you don’t have to do it all alone.

It's your choice.

With the knowledge I share, you will have enough ammo to craft your own professional journey in any way you please — as I am to this day, after quitting employment.

It’s the power of choice that is so much more relevant than suggesting you can earn $100k a month in just a few weeks.

Not to say you couldn’t earn that much eventually — but I’m not selling a dream.

I’m offering you freedom and recognition for your chosen expertise — so you can live your life the way you want to live it.

...And that rocks 🙂

I now work from home and don’t have a boss. I get to choose who I collaborate and spend my time with. I see my loved ones much more often.

Those are just a few of the most attractive, liberating perks that energized me to make it happen.

Whether your vision involves starting a business and quitting that exhausting commute to work, taking your existing company to new heights or switching careers, it’s not easy — most worthwhile opportunities in life aren’t.

However, you CAN absorb my experiences and follow a similar path by applying the best equipment, knowledge, attitude and direction.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salesperson, hairdresser, plumber, marketer, athlete, estate agent, investor, IT expert or even currently unemployed!

You can build a Personal Brand like I have, and leverage all the great opportunities that arise as a result of being known.

REMEMBER: I achieved my goals without owning a fully-functional website (in the ultra-techy year of 2016)!

Don’t think outside the box…

Know that you are not bound by a box.


Lovely words from wonderful people

Mike Kawula

Inc 500 | CEO @ Social Quant

CJ Longworth

Author | Motivational Blogger

David Brier

Branding Expert | CEO @ DBD Int.

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