How I Make People Feel

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Always take pride in your work. Listen more than you talk.
Help people.

The Grey Parrots

Squad of Developers, Designers & Tech Fanatics

This man deserves the first position always, because he has changed the definition of influencer altogether.

We have seen other influencers, always talking about their busy schedule & never responding back to their follower's tweets. But Sam is the only influencer we've ever seen, who interacts with his followers on a daily basis and replies to their messages religiously.

We think he's the epitome of humbleness & he taught us that without his followers, an influencer is nothing. Thanks for everything, Sam.

Samantha Wall

Social Media | PR | Content

One of the UK's most influential social media, content and growth hacking experts who also happens himself to be down to earth, intelligent, helpful, sociably savvy, entertaining and a great pleasure to talk to.

If you don't know Sam Hurley by now, I recommend that you really should!

Jason K. Dove

SEO Analyst | Content Manager

As I continue to learn from Sam on daily basis, I'm reminded of an adage that far too few people have learned, much less actually applied when interacting with their fellow human beings:

"Never mistake my kindness for weakness." Once again Sam, you deliver the goods. I deeply appreciate the time you dedicate to as many people as you can.

Hassan Aman

Content Superhero @ Voxatech Media

In the end, it is about doing the right things. My 28-day summary from Twitter speaks volumes. All I did was follow the right rules set by the right people, provide value and ENGAGE.

Your knowledge works, Sam.

Ollie Whitfield

Social Selling Practitioner

Sam is one of the very best I have ever seen on social media and his knowledge is second to nobody.

Great story of how the main man went from square 1 to number 1.

Always gives you his time, knowledge and advice in return for nothing. An inspiration to many...

Jeremy Alessi

Managing Partner @ Cottonwood Wealth Management

Give yourself a gift: Spend as much time as you can this week witnessing Sam Hurley and his Digital Marketing fluency in action.

It is a self-guided master class!

Aaron Avila

Founder @ Brain Injury Product Review Company

Only 2 and a half weeks old and my blog has 9,000 reads in 10 countries. Learning to increase followers, thanks to Sam Hurley.

Ian James Plumlee

Business Growth Expert

Sam, you do a great job of making everybody feel like a somebody.

Purnendu Dash

Self-Employed Internet Marketer

I’ve seen many influencers to date...but none as humble, generous and sincere as Sam.

Truly an awesome human being.

Cassim Gibbs

Freelance Digial Marketing Consultant

You just know Sam is super busy, yet he shares a ton of fantastic content and takes the time to reply to every comment!

Unlike many other digital gurus who like to share their content but don't engage with their followers.

René Vella

Creative Designer

The biggest hustler I know is Sam Hurley. Inspiring people day in, day out!

Simon Chan

Digital Strategist | Digital Transformation Blogger

Hats off to you, Sam. A man of the people! 🙂 You are making a massive difference in people's lives — a pioneer and leader.

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