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To truly stand out in today’s world of online noise; your content needs to be remarkable.

Creating enough, frequent content for your website can often be a struggle.

Not only that – you must distribute this content to your target audience effectively, else all your hard work is wasted.

With Social Media becoming excessively crowded and trillions of results on Google – how do you create outstanding, SEO-focused content that builds your brand and actually gets you noticed?

It’s time to hire a secret content specialist to represent your brand…
In your name!

Articles written for you.

Hire my expertise and solid breadth of connections in Ghost Content-Writing to reap all the rewards.

Sometimes, it just makes sense to outsource your content writing. When you hire an expert Ghost Writer, you gain all the credit for the best content – all authority points to you; which helps form your personal brand.

Here are some of the accolades I’ve received:

  • Ranked #1 Global Top 20 Digital Influencer
  • Ranked #2 Global Digital Marketing Influencer
  • Ranked #3 Global Content Marketing Influencer

If you are in the Digital Marketing industry, your Ghosted Content will be shared to my audiences.


Pavankumar Karnati

Founder @ GrowingMetrics

Sam’s dominating every Social Media! Awesome!

Brannd Hub

Professional Brand & Slogan Services

Sam is a truly ‘INFLUENTIAL’ influencer. His content ROCKS and WORKS.

Blogging is an essential inbound marketing tool that attracts customers and clients.

In addition:

Your surrounding website copy must be sales-focused and precision-targeted to your potential customers.

I can accommodate both SEO-optimized sales copy and Ghost Article-Writing for your website.

Steven J. Amato

Award-Winning CyberSecurity Specialist

Sam’s knowledge on the subject is 2nd to none...

Andrew Bailey

Managing Director @ Commercial Strategy 4

In a world where marketing is increasingly complex, Sam cuts through the hype, confusion and intricacies to deliver ROI — a rare and highly valuable skill.

Sandra Fischer

Lawyer | Educator | Public Translator

Sam really is a special and lovely person...I'm learning a lot from reading his articles. I owe him smiles!

Aaron Avila

Founder @ Brain Injury Product Review Company

Only 2 and a half weeks old and my blog has 9,000 reads in 10 countries. Learning to increase followers, thanks to Sam Hurley.

Captivating content creation is a skill.

Aside from your surrounding website content, when you hire an industry influencer to Ghost-Write thought-leading articles on your domain and other websites in your niche (a method known as guest blogging); it can increase the impact of your content dramatically.

I have spent a great deal of time building my expertise, audiences and reputation…which you can then instantly utilize by inviting me to Ghost-Write for your blog, in your name.

Total reach: 140,117+
Sam Hurley audience
If you are a business specializing in any area of Digital Marketing, you can tap into my community.

I’ve been featured on many respectable publications:


You will acquire authoritative content to use anywhere, which will then be shared with highly-engaged audiences.


What if your business isn’t relevant to what I normally write about?

My team of Ghost Writers will cover your specific niche — in the expert voice and tone required for your brand.

You enjoy the same high level of service and personal contact with me, forever.

I also personally approve every word.

Frustrated by the performance of your content? Don’t have time to write?
Leverage the power of Ghost Writing and my content distribution channels…

Check out the results I gained for Digital Current.

They are a large, high-end American marketing agency who have won the likes of Nickelodeon and Marriott Hotels as clients (to name just a couple)!

Here’s the qualified traffic they witnessed:

PLUS: Accompanying feedback from their mutually respected CMO / CoFounder (Jarrod Hunt) and Digital Marketing Specialist (Ryan Schuster):

"Outstanding work this past month, Sam! Our mentions, traffic and other metrics have shot through the roof since you came on board!"


What you gain:

  • Only the highest-quality Ghost Content – I rarely see any edits needed or made to my content
  • Discount on advance purchases of 4 or more Ghost articles
  • Up to 4 thought-leading Ghost articles per month
  • Advice + guidance on topics if required
  • Ghost Content crafted by me or relevant Ghost Writers who work devotedly to master your niche
  • Articles shared on my Social Media channels where relevant
  • SEO + conversion-focused sales copy for your website – should you require it
  • Quick turnaround – you can expect a maximum delivery time of only 7 – 21 days for the best Ghosted Content!

Lara Kroll

Director @ Evolved Online PR Agency

This man has helped an old PR like me to learn a whole new industry known as Social Media.

I read everything he writes and I urge everyone in our industry to do so too!

CJ Longworth

Motivational Author & Blogger

Great quotes and thoughts from one of the best guys on the planet: Sam Hurley

AC Digital Services

Digital Marketing Agency

Sam Hurley: Twitter king and Digital Marketing extraordinaire!

He’s amazing and also one of the reasons I chose to start my business.

Sam *might* be at full capacity!Click here to register your interest...
Request Sam's time now


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Matthew Capala

Founder @ Alphametic | Speaker, Author & SEO Trainer

Sam is a performance-driven marketer with a wealth of experience in SEO, analytics, social media and content marketing.

He doesn't just talk to the talk, Sam walks the walk. Cannot speak highly enough of Sam!

Jarrod Hunt

CMO & Co-Founder @ Digital Current | Marketing Agency

Sam is one of a kind. Not only is he phenomenal at what he does, but he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

We work with him on a wide variety of content and social media campaigns, and he has gone above and beyond on all of them.

Thank you Sam, I look forward to a very long and successful relationship!


A Fan of Sam

Sam, thanks so much for all of your great SEO advice. Even though I've studied SEO in the past, I'm amazed by your cutting edge grip on this subject.

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